Streamline interaction with customers and prospects through the digital channels they choose.

  • Integration with Facebook, Whatsapp, ChatWeb (using our platform or we integrate with the provider of choice).
  • Control of all executive conversations.
  • Identification of parallel communications to optimize communication with the customer.
  • Automatic or manual referral of conversations, to other operators, teams (e.g. Sales, Collections, Customer Service), queues (prioritizing by order of arrival, customer segment, status of a problem).
  • Receiving and sending files.
  • Internal annotations on conversations.
  • Identification of existing contacts and registration of new ones.
  • Management of sales, claims, surveys, collections.
  • Everything is recorded in the customer's unified history.
  • Tree of products and services, 360° Customer view.
A customisable technological solution to optimise your sales, customer service, collections, surveys, etc...


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