Perform omnichannel collections and through our AppCOBRANZAS, with the first solution based on a model of unique and unified interactions with customers, with 360° vision.

Detection of defaulters
Automates the detection of delinquent accounts to manage your early delinquency collections.
Importing and Updating Data
Import delinquent portfolios by updating data to make your collection campaigns more effective.
Segment by levels of indebtedness based on product type, amounts, timing, etc..
Equipment Assignment
Assign to internal or external teams according to the level of delinquency.
CTI integration
Conduct mass telephone arrears campaigns via your Contact Centre.
360° vision
Identify causes of contact delays avoiding dissatisfaction dissatisfaction of customers with pending complaints / clarifications.
Payment Promises
Agree on Promises to Pay.
Receive real-time delinquency and payment due date alerts.
AppCOBRANZAS is an application designed to help collection agents to be more effective and secure in their work. Audio recording, promise to pay, geolocation and location photo are key functionalities that can help improve the quality of management and reduce the risk of fraud.

Main functionalities:

A customisable Technology Solution to optimise your Collections


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