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AddACCION AddCOLLECTION: Collections Management
AddACCION AddCOLLECTION: Collections Management

What is Debt Collection Management and how to do it remotely?

Digital advancement allows companies with a portfolio of defaulters to organise their remote collections team and to be able to assign a distributed Collections Management strategy that allows them to organise Collections Management through a Predictable, Measurable and Controllable process.

How to carry out Debt Collection Management?

AddACCION is the first and only solution based on a unique and unified interaction model with customers, with 360º vision that also allows you to manage your collection portfolio.

AddACCION systematises the process, reducing costs and recovery times and at the same time automating and standardising it to achieve greater productivity and effectiveness in the allocation of the management team.

Through the AddCOLLECTION module, you can coordinate the Collections Management through different channels (phone call, mail, sms, letters, whatsApp and other means) to inform them about the status of their invoices or credits, the payment obligation and offer them integrated normalisation and payment options with the premise of continuing to maintain the relationship with your customers and reducing your portfolio of defaulters.

Integrate your Landing Page, Online Shop and other contact channels:

  • Web
  • e-Commerce
  • Chats
  • Social Networking
  • e-mailmarketing
  • IVR / CTI

When looking to implement an EMF strategy, some companies have only partial data on their customers, their interactions and their points of contact.


  • Integrate and unify all interactions with customers at different stages of the product and/or service lifecycle across all channels.
  • Improve the way you engage with your customers and understand their interests and improve your company's profitability.
  • Obtain reliable and consolidated information on your customers and prospects, centrally and in real time.
  • Achieve a correct management and an effective relationship.

AddACCION's Competitive Advantages:

  • Rapid Return on Investment
  • All Functionalities in a Single Solution
  • Short Implementation Times and Visibility of Results
  • Intuitive operation and very low impact for the Organisation
  • Unique, complete and centralised information, available in real time.

Learn more about AddACCION at www.addaccion.com


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