Onboarding & Origination

Facilitate access to your customers to all services and products online and remotely. AddACCION allows you to carry out the Onboarding process in the acquisition of clients in an agile, simple and secure way. Perform all the activities of receiving and processing loan applications, to secure and finance the loan, credit and debit cards, Insurance.

AddACCION provides the tools to parameterize and configure all necessary processes for origination.

Validation of user identity
Online, secure and reliable, before approving a loan. Integration with Open Banking, open finance and open economy.
Integration via API
It allows the origination platform of the institution's website to be adapted and the institutional image to be personalised.
Digital Dossier
Registering customer data through your channels and uploading digital documents and identity validation.
Automation of all operations
Improve competitiveness and added value to customers in a reliable way, centralising information for decision making.
CTI integration
Flexibility in the implementation of new legislation on financial services and products.
Receipt and Processing of Applications
I performed all activities from receiving and processing loan applications, to securing and funding the loan, credit and debit cards.
Tools to parameterise and configure all processes necessary for origination.

The origination process has multiple points of contact and approvers (multi-channel) and generally financial institutions have products such as cards, mortgages and loans on different systems, they are all isolated and also run on different operating systems.

AddACCION allows to achieve a unique vision of the client, minimizing errors and optimizing time and costs.

Make it easy for your customers to access all your products and services online and remotely.


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