360° Vision, a Necessary Tool for Businesses

"In an increasingly competitive market, the only way to differentiate yourself is through a personalised service, based on automated systems that make the User Experience unique".

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In a post-pandemic era, and after a period of adaptation on the part of companies, it is necessary to begin to organise what has been learnt in order to boost results. I believe that one of the main objectives that we must focus on is the need to know our client/user, generating security and confidence to operate in the virtual world.

While the digitisation of a large part of services has opened up an opportunity for all institutions seeking to understand their customers, the challenge is to find the right tools, not only to collect information, but also to optimise their user experience. All this can be done through platforms that can integrate all their channels.

These platforms are fed with information from sales channels (CRM), networks and other points of contact, and perform a comprehensive analysis that provides us with a situation status, which may include: customer profiling and segmentation, prospect qualification, high/low/moosiness/satisfaction reports, allowing the company to make decisions in pursuit of a process of continuous improvement. In a single screen we can know their preferences and needs, offering services that provide real solutions.

In an increasingly competitive market, the only way to differentiate yourself is through a personalised service, based on automated systems that make the User Experience unique. With operating times becoming shorter and shorter due to the immediacy expected in the response, it is required that the services offered are optimal, implying lower costs and resulting in increasingly profitable businesses. For this, I always recommend looking for platforms specific to the industry in which the company is immersed. Having professionals with vast experience in the area who understand the processes and specific requirements, allowing to reduce implementation times significantly.

The metaverse is another theme to watch out for in the virtual world, one that we will connect to using a series of devices that will make us believe that we are actually inside this world, interacting with it, and it will be like teleporting into a whole new world through virtual reality.

Virtual worlds are not something new, there are already a great variety in the video game industry, where you create your avatar and live experiences in a sort of parallel reality. But the metaverse does not seek to be a fantasy world, but a virtual space where we can do the same things we do today but outside our home, office, and without moving from where we are: see places, travel, buy clothes, real estate, cars, or even invest.

Nowadays there are devices that can interpret our facial expressions and transmit them so that the metaverse can recreate us, so that our avatar maintains our individuality and the rest of the people we are interacting with can understand how we feel, also creating an environment for business where we can better interact with our customers. How many digital and virtual tools have been implemented in your company in recent years?


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