A company developed to enhance the profits of financial and insurance companies.

Eudoro de Zavalía and Eduardo Vizcarra are two men who, after many years of hard work, were able to translate all the experience acquired into innovative solutions and platforms designed to enable companies to boost their profitability. They were not ideas taken from elsewhere; both, with their own nuances, have had the ability to develop products that today are at the forefront throughout Latin America, experiencing a strong expansion since the pandemic.

The case of Eudoro is already known: winner of the BBVA Techno-Entrepreneur Awards in the 'Young Entrepreneur' category in 1999, he was the one who in 1992 created the first CRM solution for product marketing, customer service and debt monitoring. In 2002 Eudoro was awarded in Los Angeles by Microsoft, all this trajectory had as a final result the creation in 2015 of AddACCION, with an advantage over other entrepreneurs: to know first hand the needs of the market and how to solve them.

Vizcarra's story has some similarities to that of his proud partner: "I worked for 18 years at a leading insurance broker in Peru, where I learned to design and develop software, as well as the mystique of what an insurance company was," he said.

In 2009, he joined the third largest insurance broker in the world: Willis Towers Watson. Those years of work and learning did not go unnoticed, to the point that after only six months he was appointed Regional Director for Latin America, thus expanding his vision to the entire continent.

Their professional paths crossed and, from their first contact, they knew how to understand each other. "We had chemistry from the beginning and became good friends," said Vizcarra who, in 2014, made the decision to become an entrepreneur and created Inventiva Solutions, a company that develops its own software. "The demands in all Latin American countries in relation to insurance were similar, with their regional nuances, so I tried to capitalize on all that knowledge acquired over the years with a concrete proposal. I knew the need from the inside, and I knew well what both companies and clients needed".

That same year, de Zavalía founded AddACCION, a fact that allows us to see how both took almost at the same time the decision to develop their own products almost together. "With Eudoro, we share experiences and we have met with each other's teams to exchange knowledge. That is to say, although there are differences in the final offer, the base of the developed software is the same".

Inventive Pillars

According to Vizcarra, the first step was to give life to a solution called broker-up, a suite of tools ranging from the collection module to customer portals, mobile applications, virtual insurance stores, among other functionalities.

"This product we have perfected caters to medium, large and global insurance brokers across the continent," he said.

He pointed out that the tools designed by Inventiva respond adequately to the needs of the clients and emphasized: "Our success lies in the fact that every time we show our software to our clients they fall in love because they feel they have found a platform and a strategic technological partner that understands their needs without having to explain how the insurance business works".

These virtues have allowed it to have clients in different places such as Chile, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador and the Dominican Republic, among others.

A pioneering company in Latin America

Practically since their genesis, AddACCION and Inventiva have gone hand in hand. Once the respective implemented solutions have been perfected by the working teams, the idea of establishing a partnership came almost naturally.

"AddACCION handles very well the interactions and processes of financial entities, which today in addition to selling credit cards, loans and other things, are also entering the world of insurance," warned Vizcarra.

That is why the alliance with Inventiva consists of bringing together the different functionalities to offer financial institutions, in addition to a service for their line of business, the possibility of entering the insurance distribution business through an integrated platform. The objective is to enhance the companies' abilities and provide more benefits to clients.

Eudoro José de Zavalía, told us that he saw in Eduardo a leader for solutions for leading Brokers, with great understanding and experience within the sector, and with a potential that he had not seen in the supply of industry suppliers. In this synergy, the participation of Pablo de Zavalía was also key, who was incorporated to the project and obtained the first clients in Argentina: HDIB, Messis and Soy Seguros.

"Working side by side with the AddACCION team is very satisfying because they have many cases in which they have implemented their CRM, their strength, similar to Inventiva, is to know what to do and how with super competitive prices. Eudoro has earned great recognition throughout Latin America for the quality of its service and trust in this environment is fundamental and my partner," said Eduardo.


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