Omnichannel the new way to take care of all your interactions

AddACCION's new Omnichannel module allows you to visualize all your Whatsapp, Facebook and ChatWeb interactions on a single screen.

⏩ Streamline interaction with customers and prospects through the channels they choose.

🖥️ Through a simple and intuitive screen your executives will be able to respond and manage interactions in an agile way. This module is added to all the existing AddACCION functionality allowing you to generate opportunities, a contact control with a 360º vision of the business.

Some of our new functionalities are:

👉 Control of all executive conversations.
👉 Identification of parallel communications to optimize communication with the customer.
👉 Automatic or manual referral of conversations, to other operators, teams (e.g. Sales, Collections, Customer Service), queues (prioritizing by order of arrival, customer segment, status of a problem).
👉 Receiving and sending of files.
👉 Internal annotations on conversations.

We invite you to learn more at: https://addaccion.com/omnichannel/

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