Data as the cornerstone of all strategic decisions

As companies grow and become more complex, directors and managers must broaden their view to analyze and manage their businesses in systemic terms, and they stop seeing many of the micro-managements and actions that their companies execute on a day-to-day basis 😖
As they move further and further away from operational issues, they find it necessary to automate the capture of hard data to, through their analysis, be able to know the status and evolution of the companies in which they are 📊

🎯 From there, they begin to define much of their decisions on that data. Data-driven decision making is defined as the use of facts, metrics and data to guide strategic business decisions that align with an organization's goals, objectives and initiatives.

Today, the amount of information collected by systems is becoming larger and larger, but also more complex. As a result, organizations are struggling to manage and analyze their data. Recently, it was reported that 98.6% of executives aspire for their organizations to have a data-driven culture, while only 32.4% reported success in this regard.

That is why, from AddACCION, we have developed several functionalities that allow a correct and orderly data collection, in addition to dashboards and reports that allow a correct and optimized reading of the information 👌.


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