Innovate without limits: the importance of making the user experience unique

The passage of the pandemic has revealed the importance of having digital solutions that allow the automation of processes and optimization of resources. Knowing what a customer wants is not enough: there are plenty of offers in a globalized market that will try to persuade them, and for that reason, it is necessary to provide a personalized service that makes them feel unique.

With operating times becoming shorter and shorter due to the immediacy expected in the response, it is required that the services offered are optimal. AddACCION encompasses everything necessary for a business to achieve maximum profitability while complying with those parameters established today.

Eudoro de Zavalía, CEO of AddACCION and winner of the BBVA Techno-Entrepreneur Awards in the 'Young Entrepreneur' category in 1999, was the one who in 1992 created the first CRM solution for product marketing, customer service and follow-up of delinquent accounts. So many years of experience resulted in the creation of AddACCION in 2015 with a particularity: to know, based on that experience, what was the problem to be solved in the market.

"We knew that it was necessary to have a multi-channel approach, because there are CRM's or Commercial Platforms that do not have certain functionalities: collections or on boarding, something that AddACCION does. Therefore, the basis of everything was to conform an integral 360″ vision, explained Eudoro.

Now, what exactly are we talking about? The 360 concept was born because most financial institutions have many applications for each functionality, one for customers, another for collections, sales, etc., and they do not visualize in a single system the complete history of interactions with the customer.

Along these lines, the 360º vision provides a complete overview of the customer: whether he is delinquent, what products he has, how many times he has been contacted and by what means, based on the integration of the single screen that integrates the different systems that operate separately and lack communication. In this way, it is possible to have consolidated information, replacing obsolete pre-existing systems.

For Eudoro, systematically referring the client to different areas to respond to a complaint, or to offer him something, is a problem. "This is what happens because we don't have a comprehensive vision, generating higher costs and wasted time. The goal is to know in a minute who you are talking to on the basis of an accurate history, and that is why AddACCION is so much in demand: because it is a technological solution that gives you everything you need on one screen so that you are not jumping from screen to screen."

The concept of complete vision was developed to refer to a comprehensive system that provides the complete customer lifecycle.

Pandemic impact

In Eudoro's opinion, the pandemic was when we grew the most. What seems obvious is not, because the coronavirus outbreak brought with it a great deal of uncertainty. No house of cards can stand if its foundations are weak.

"The reality is that we were prepared. We have two modalities: one on-premise and the other in the cloud, and since everything was ready to operate remotely, with personnel in several countries not only in the Americas but also in Europe, we grew in the last few years of the pandemic when we were bought by banks, Fintechs and financial companies," he said.

Fernando Gava, Director of Operations at AddACCION, added: "Internally, the pandemic caught us off guard because we were used to working remotely. This prevented the company from having to adapt to a learning curve on how to operate remotely and a reduction in the quality of service, because we were already working with the future in mind".

On the other hand, he recalled that the process that led customers to go to a branch of a finance company or bank to deliver physical documentation was limited after the arrival of Covid-19.

"That's when we took the opportunity to send the people of interest e-mails with a description of what they should be looking for, we gave them a personalized link and reminded them of the documents we were waiting for, with the corresponding validations, sizes and formats. In this way, the companies saved themselves from having to put an assistant and focused on a back office", concluded Gava.

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