How were the different technological solutions adapted to the new demands?

It is very clear that it is always necessary to be behind technology in relation to "hard" tools - new codes, innovative operating systems, but what is new is the opening of various channels. It is no longer a question of using an e-mail or a landline telephone; today there are other options to establish contact and make the consumer feel more comfortable. However, how to carry out the sale or the steps of the necessary workflow behind the management of a loan has not changed, nor has the necessary feeling with a client to create a pleasant environment; the demand is more to expand the number of technological solutions or options in order to gain in speed and make it less cumbersome to carry out a transaction.

It is clear that in order to sell you need a certain good vibe, to establish a pleasant atmosphere with the other person. Today, there is a certain passage to automation and artificial intelligence, which is fine as long as it is what the customer wants. Not everyone is happy to be served by a machine. A good example of this is the approval of the draft bill in Spain that limits to three minutes the waiting time to be attended by telephone in information, complaint and after-sales services. Therefore, it is clear that, although automation is an improvement in several areas, there are many people who will still want to talk to someone.


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