We travel the road of infinite adaptation!

We believe that this approach should replace the paradigm of DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION, which involves some erroneous assumptions:

- On the one hand, the notion of transformation implies a complete change in the appearance, character or functioning of something or someone. This makes us think that transformation leads to an end, when in reality companies should be analyzing how to continuously adapt to new technologies that, without a doubt, are capable of positively impacting all aspects of organizations.

- Moreover, the concept as it has always been understood, not only generates a pigeonholing in the minds of decision-makers in companies in relation to what their company should do, but also, in a way, stops the continuous evolution of the context. People think about how to completely transform the company based on current standards, while the evolution of global technologies continues to accelerate.

- On the other hand, the idea of digital transformation has always been linked to companies investing in new technologies. This is dangerously wrong, since technologies by themselves are not able to change anything, and what determines the success of organizations is how the culture of organizations is modified for a proper implementation of technology.

From AddACCION, we embrace the concept of infinite adaptation! We apply it when analyzing the environment, advising our clients, and from the continuous development of functions and modules for our systems.

To those who share this look, we invite you to walk alongside us! 🙌